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World's First Hospitality Profit Software


World's First Hospitality Profit Software

$20,000 GRANT | Entertainment/Technology | Queensland
Ivan is in the midst of creating the world's first hospitality profit software, integrating venue rostering, accounting,POS and more! Hopefully this 'dream' project can become a reality for venue owners across the globe!
A profitable hospitality industry underwrites the entire economy, it is the soul of our cities and towns. It means staff are paid fairly, working conditions improve, jobs stay, taxes are paid, suppliers and creditors get what they are owed. Mental health improves and everyone is happy.

Thus Peiso Profitability Software was born.

COVID has changed all the rules. Operating hospitality businesses has become more complex than ever before.

Peiso makes sense of this complexity, and tells operators what to do to be profitable, letting them focus on what they do best; creating happy, loyal customers.
Ivan has owned and operated hospitality businesses around the world for 25 years, until suffering a severe spinal cord injury 3 years ago.

Unable to work directly in venues again, Ivan turned his mind to answering the biggest question in Hospitality; how to be profitable.

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